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COLD SAW 178 Dual Blade
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COLD SAW 178 Dual Blade
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COLD SAW 178 Dual Blade
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Video - Cold Saw 114


Video - Cold Saw - Orbital 355


Video - Cold Saw 97








SMACO cold saw flying cut off machine is a high performance cut-off for tube mill line that produce burr free and clean cut finished pipe end.


Available with single saw blade for pipe size up to 130mm round / 100x100mm square, and double saw blade cutting up to 219mm round. Standard machine with HSS saw blade cutting program and option with TCT saw blade cutting program.


Control system with advance Siemens servo drive for saw rotation, saw feed and saw carriage travel, with built in flying saw application software.


High performance electrical system ensures precise and accurate cutting, as well as saw blade life time and performance. Contorls include touch screen for cutting data entry based on pipe size and wall thickness, and system will indicate cutting speed as reference for mill run.


Mechanical components are made of high precision and reliable parts, including Rexroth linear guide to ensure smooth travel of saw carriage, precision bore screw for accurate saw feed and hydraulic pipe clamp for stability during cutting operation. Auto lubrication system further ensures components smooth running and minimize wear and tear.


Precision mechanical components coupled with high performance electrical system ensure smooth running, precise mill speed match and minimal vibration. These are key factors to ensures high performance cold saw flying cut-off with optimum saw blade life time.


SMACO machines are of heavy-duty constructions with quality components to ensure dependable performance. All machines are pre-piped to manifold and pre-wired to junction box for easy installation.








27 Years In Steel Pipe Industry With Reliable And Heavy Duty Pipe Mill Equipment

Our reputation for uncompromising standards can be seen in the range of products and services we offer:

  • ERW pipe mill lines and machineries including entry coil handling and joining system, pipe transfer and bundling system
  • Pipe finishing equipment with transfer and handling system for automated finishing operation, namely end facing, threading, straightening and hydro testing
  • Roll forming lines and machinery for profiles including on-line punching and embossing
  • Mill tooling, hollow section and roll forming profile. Experienced design engineer with COPRA Roll form software ensure precise mill tooling design